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Utility Equipment supply North American built equipment and spare parts for use in the utility industries of electricity, oil, gas, telecommunications and water. Our focus is primarily the Northern European and  Russian markets, with a growing level of activity in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. 

Our strengths:

Listening to customers and manufacturers it is clear that time zones play a huge part when considering working with a partner from another continent, especially one whose office is never open when yours is.
Perfectly located, our UK office is open during the office hours of Europe, Russia and North America ensuring;
- People can speak to people
- Questions are asked
- Answers are clarified
- Response times are reduced
- Quality of the response is increased
- You have information the same day, or at least waiting when you return to work

As you can see from the maps below, we work when you work, whilst others sleep.

                 0700 UK time                                                     1700 UK time

There are vast differences in legislation, customer requirements and chassis design between North America and Europe / Asia. Utility Equipment Sales have a clear strategy, working with key partners for certification and chassis integration, to ensure the most suitable combination of equipment is offered to the customer.

Utility Equipment have unique experience, starting life as a customer in the rental sector before moving into equipment sales. Always working within the construction, utility and lifting sectors our experience enables us to identify equipment that is perfect for the customers requirements.
Experience shows that customers struggle to find specialised equipment and manufacturers often concentrate on mainstream, mass produced models, where sales are easy to find. Our experience is in niche products, delivering customers what they require rather than what we have.

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