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 If you want to know more about PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc. then please visit their website:

Please note that some units displayed on the PowerTraxx website are not currently available in Europe and Russia.
However, if you are interested in a unit that is not listed here please contact us to check if it is suitable for your market.

Utility Equipment Sales only work with carefully selected manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and after sales service, here's why we choose PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc:-

PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc understand what a customer requires from a track vehicle better than most manufacturers, because the team behind PowerTraxx were originally the customer and have been constructing powerlines in Canada since 1953. That customer knowledge, knowing what works and where has enabled PowerTraxx to develop the widest range of tracked vehicles on the market today.

With a superb facility and a 400 acre testing ground PowerTraxx are able to develop their product range to suit ever changing applications and conditions, whether that be a tracked crane to Antarctica or a tracked carrier with full ROPS for all passengers.

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a PowerTraxx from Utility Equipment Sales, apart from quality and thoroughness the focus at PowerTraxx is in:

Quality, Reliability and Value...

But nnot only of the tracked vehicles PowerTraxx produce, but also their people and the work they perform. Their goal is to provide users with a vehicle that best suits their requirements, which is why PowerTraxx continuously improve working methods as well work closely with suppliers to ensure they have the right components for the application.

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