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PowerTraxx produce the widest range of tracked vehicles on the market, highly customised for each application and available as a bare chassis or with installed equipment. Most of our Elliott Equipment models can be installed on a PowerTraxx chassis, as can our tipper / dump bodies along with pipe carriers, personnel carriers, drilling rigs and digger derricks.

Please click the model number for more detailed specifications:

                      Bare                                Gross Vehicle         Ground Pressure      
Model          Weight           Payload            Weight         Unloaded      Loaded    
02-H             4,536kg           3,628kg             8,164kg          103g/cm     158g/cm
05L-H           5,443kg           4,536kg             9,979kg          103g/cm     185g/cm
05-H             5,443kg           5,670kg            11,113kg          103g/cm     185g/cm
08L-H           7,257kg           9,071kg            16,328kg          124g/cm     238g/cm
10S-H           9,071kg          11,340kg           20,411kg          138g/cm     274g/cm
10SW-H        9,071kg          11,340kg           20,411kg          121g/cm     242g/cm
15W-H         11,793kg          16,329kg          28,122kg          139g/cm     274g/cm
15SW-H       13,154kg         16,329kg           29,483kg          149g/cm     295g/cm
15SXW-HF   13,607kg         18,144kg           31,751kg          149g/cm    295g/cm
18-H            16,329kg          20,865kg          37,194kg           242g/cm     313g/cm

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